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On this page you can order the hexes and military pieces in VIKTORY II separately by clicking on the link below.

You can order a set of VIKTORY II Military Units (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Black, White, Orange, and Grey) for $45, which includes 192 infantry, 64 artillery, 64 cavalry, 64 frigates; 384 military pieces total.

You can also order the military pieces in individual colors for $7, which includes 24 infantry, 8 artillery, 8 cavalry, and 8 frigates; 48 military pieces total, in whichever color you specify.

Finally, you can order a set of VIKTORY terrain hexes for $30, which includes 48 water perimeter hexes (they are actually pentagons with a smooth outside edge and are interlocking), 36 water hexes, 24 mountain hexes, 24 grassland hexes, 24 plains hexes, 24 forest hexes; 180 total hexes.

Click to order VIKTORY Components

If you want to order a LOT of components in bulk, or if you have any problems, please contact me at: