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VIKTORY II - One of the Best Strategy Games

"Introducing VIKTORY II, the Fast-Paced Strategy Game that Allows You to "Conquer the World" in 1-4 Hours, With Simple Rules, Hundreds of Detailed Miniatures, 180 Modular Map Hexes, and Aggressive Gameplay..."

VIKTORY II Features Include:

  • Clear, easy rules that can be explained to a beginner in 5 minutes, but still provide deep strategic gameplay to challenge even advanced strategists.

  • Hundreds of detailed miniatures including Napoleonic-era infantry, cavalry, artillery and frigate units.

  • Scalable, customizable modular map system includes 180 mountain, forest, plains, grassland, and water hexes so that no two game maps are ever the same.

  • Fast and exciting: complete games can be played in 1-4 hours, either through direct player elimination or alternately through player subjugation- you really get to "conquer the world" fair and square in less than four hours!


A personal message from board game designer Peter Morrison, founder of Morrison Games and designer of VIKTORY II:

Dear Fellow Board Gamer,

It took me over a year since the initial launch of my first board game, VIKTORY, to develop and produce VIKTORY II.

In that time, new pieces have been designed and produced, the artwork has changed, a new box has been designed, the rules have been modified, and nearly every aspect of the game has undergone some sort of change - hence the designation VIKTORY II.

VIKTORY II, my latest game, is my own personal ideal for a quick wargame.

But first, I should introduce myself. My name is Peter Morrison and I am an avid board gamer who is always trying to recruit new people into the hobby, as I think board gaming is one of the healthiest uses of recreational time.

What other activity allows someone to use their mind, spend time with friends (or REALLY get to know new people), AND be entertained for mere pennies?

However, I found there was one big problem - I don't have much time to play war games and have trouble recruiting friends to play war games, because they are usually quite complicated and take a long time to play.

That's why I founded Morrison Games - to develop a wargame that could actually be played in a few hours or less!

Now, don't get me wrong. I do and have enjoyed day-long and week-long board games- when I was in college and had more free time, it was a favorite activity. But now I'm married with children (with a full-time business to run), and so when I get a chance to play I want to get in as many games as I can. 

It's a lot more fun to play multiple games of VIKTORY II on a board-gaming Saturday than a single game (if even a single game can be finished) of something much more complicated. 

It's much more fun to tell "war stories" of multiple games than just one that sometimes doesn't even get finished.

In addition, now I can invite new people to play games with me (even people who aren't as passionate about board gaming as I am) and they have a pleasant experience- the rules are simple (but not too simple) and new people can actually win since the game rewards those with natural strategic minds instead of those who spend all of their time studying the rulebook.  In these cases, VIKTORY II can serve as a great gateway game for a new gamer, and yet still provide continued depth and enjoyment for someone that has played it countless times.

As you can tell, I'm quite passionate about VIKTORY II, and what it can do to help you enjoy more truly strategic board games in less time with more people. Now that you know a little bit about me, let me "spill the beans" on what VIKTORY II is all about:

Here's Why VIKTORY II Delivers What I Claim

VIKTORY II builds upon its predecessor, VIKTORY.

A light wargame that lasts 1-4 hours, VIKTORY II features simple rules, 782 individual game components, and an aggressive style of play that avoids inaction and turtling.

VIKTORY II is loosely based on 19th century warfare and supports up to eight players fighting for game domination, either through direct player elimination or alternately through player subjugation.

Each player has custom designed infantry, cavalry, artillery and frigate units waging war upon a modular hex map comprised of mountain, forest, plains, grassland, and water hexes. The modular map is scalable and customizable, allowing larger or smaller maps to be played for either longer or shorter game

During the game, players explore the map by moving units and building towns and cities. When they encounter other players, fighting begins. Combat is fought through dice rolling based upon the number of different types of units engaged in battle, the terrain being fought upon, and the presence of a town or city.

The fighting units are maintained by towns and cities through a unique support system, and gained or lost as their supporting towns and cities are built or captured.

Here are some of the details about the VIKTORY II gaming system (or, alternatively, click here to access the rules, instructional video, and discussion forum):

  • The VIKTORY II map system is scalable and adjustable based on how many players want to play- six player games are played on a giant 169-hexagon map, while a 2 player game is played on a small 61-hexagon map.

  • For a shorter game, play 6 players on a 4-player map. For a longer game, play 4-players on a 6-player map. YOU decide the speed and size of each game.

  • The individual 2" hexagonal tiles are in 5 different terrains with specially commissioned artwork from highly praised Houston artist Brian Walts that makes for both a beautiful map and a completely unique and customized game every time you play- there are literally trillions of different ways to play a game of VIKTORY II.

  • Each hexagonal tile is composed of heavyweight mat board laminated to a high-gloss commercial print of custom artwork and cut with a highly precise die-cutting press- the hexagons even have an aqueous coating to protect from small spills of water on the surface.

  • The game map has an interlocking perimeter of tiles that create a stable playing surface and keeps the internal hexes from moving around as easily.

  • Terrain is varied, from easily crossed plains and grassland hexes to more inaccessible forest and rugged mountain hexes.  The random layout of each map ensures that terrain plays a critical role in the movement of armies and outcome of battles.

  • Up to eight players can enjoy the VIKTORY II experience, each with six different injection-molded playing pieces (for the four unit types of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and frigates, as well as city and town pieces), for a total of 584 plastic playing pieces.

  • Overall, each game of VIKTORY II comes with 782 individual game elements, making it one of the most high-value, high-component games ever published in its price range.

  • VIKTORY II allows you to legitimately "Conquer the World" in 1-4 hours- without using artificial game-ending devices to prevent the game from going on forever.  In VIKTORY II, there are no turn limits, economic victories, or arbitrary point-based victories.

  • As players move units and build towns and cities, they explore the map, revealing land bridges and hidden bodies of water that will drastically change how the game plays out.  As soon as players encounter each other, fighting begins.

  • In VIKTORY II, fighting is the very essence of the game, so you'll never wonder when does the action start.  VIKTORY II isn't a "race" theme or a cooperative effort, but involves fighting it out to the end.

  • The customizable map system means you can design one game with lots of water hexes, making naval supremacy most important- the next, you can place lots of land hexes, making large land army hordes the key to success. The design of each game map is completely up to you!

  • VIKTORY II does NOT have set "teams", meaning that your political skill at negotiating alliances and ceasefires is as important as your tactical savvy in planning assaults.

  • In VIKTORY II, each unit has its own special abilities and uses, making the game more fun to play and deepening the strategic appeal of the game by providing unique unit characteristics which create a wider range of potential battles and scenarios.

  • Not only is every unit different, but the units are well balanced- they are all useful in different situations, challenging your strategic thinking abilities in different ways each and every game.

  • VIKTORY II features a precise balance of BOTH land and naval combat, and the most successful battle plans will incorporate both a land and naval strategy.

  • VIKTORY II avoids MAD (mutually assured destruction) which essentially punishes players who try to fight aggressively early in the game by making both players worse off for engaging in conflict- VIKTORY II rewards aggression and penalizes those who sit on their hands and do nothing. VIKTORY II is a "high octane" gaming system where those who take chances are often rewarded.

  • If you're a board-gaming pacifist who avoids conflict with other players and are looking for a game where everybody is a winner so we can "all just get along", then VIKTORY II isn't for you- if you don't start fighting, the fight will come to you.

  • VIKTORY II features a simple accounting system that lets any player quickly assess whether their opponent has too many units on the board- no more arguments over whether someone lost count of their units, because in VIKTORY II it's always self-evident how many units of each type you and every other player should have.

  • Each player's military units are linked to their total number of cities and towns- this eliminates the need for collecting and managing resources. In other words, you don't need to be a bean-counter to win, and you can have more fun making truly strategic decisions instead of spending most of your time as a glorified calculator.

  • Battle outcomes are determined by rolling a varying number of dice and no one is ever "guaranteed" to win a battle.

  • By limiting the number of dice each side can roll in a battle, VIKTORY II gives small armies a "fighting chance" against large ones though larger armies will still have a clear advantage.

  • There's no limit to the number of "actions" a player can take in a turn- VIKTORY II allows you to flex your muscle to the maximum extent.

  • The modular nature of VIKTORY II means that with additional copies of the game, VIKTORY II can support virtually unlimited players. As long as you can keep players with the same color pieces separated, you could easily play 10, 15, 20... players in a gigantic battle royale!

  • The rules are a mere twelve pages long, reflecting the subtle elegance of the VIKTORY II system- it takes a few minutes to learn, but a lifetime to master.

  • Because the rules are so elegantly designed (i.e. both compact and "common sense"), this will eliminate time-wasting arguments about rules in your games. Get in more gameplay and less debate when you play board games!

  • Success in VIKTORY II will be due to natural strategic skill, or errors on an opponent's part, not luck or based on a lawyer's knowledge of the rulebook.

  • In order to accommodate gamers that don't like player elimination - an included alternate rule variant avoids eliminating players, while maintaining the fighting conflict central to VIKTORY II.  Instead of eliminating players, you can subjugate them into your vassals.

  • If you do happen to have a question about VIKTORY II, you can and ask the question directly to me, Peter Morrison, the designer of the game. If you've got a game question, I think it's best if you have direct access to the actual person who designed the game? If you point out a problem with the rules or suggest a good change, I'll even credit you publicly in the next version of the rules published.

I hope you're convinced to at least give VIKTORY II a try. It's a board game that I've put my blood, sweat and tears into, and I think it will return in enjoyment, fellowship, value, and satisfaction many times its purchase price.

Don't Take My Word for It
Listen to What Other Gamers Have Said About VIKTORY

I just finished my first two games of VIKTORY and it's all that you promised. Great job. Looking forward to your next endeavor.

I greatly enjoyed the game, especially the speed at which a game could be completed and the fact that we were able to play two completely different games without even changing the tile layout. I find that this game is definitely worth the price. 

I played VIKTORY about 12 times already it is fun, fast and at times a real challenge. 

We have played VIKTORY several times two games were the same. What makes this a great game is your strategy has to change each time you play based upon opponents, map set up and starting points. Good job on a well designed game.

There's a lot to be said for VIKTORY: I like the way the unit types are tied to the terrain types, the speed in which the pieces return into play, the variable setup, and the crisp rule set.

As far as the game play very very interesting and fun with the different board set ups this should be a well played game for many years. 

My favorite wargame. Simple rules blend strategy and dice rolling. It pays to be aggressive and games move very quickly. Best for fans of wargames ala Risk and Axis & Allies. Components offer a lot of versatility for personal modification of the rules.

The game is fast and the rules are simple to understand. With the variations of the board you won't tire of the game, and if you think you can master the rules think again. VIKTORY but only for one. 

This is a GREAT "Fast-Paced" strategy war game..I am glad I have it to add to my boardgaming collection!

Great fun. Good components. There are some unique features here that make this game a winner.

Surprisingly deep, quick and VERY aggressive. This isn't a game to play nicey, nicey. If you can hit your opponent, do it and do it often.

VIKTORY delivers on its ability for replay because its so quick to play and teach. I have yet to see a wargame that is so slickly boiled down to its combat elements that you jump right into the meat of the game from turn one.

To read even more testimonials, click here.

Test for Whether or Not VIKTORY II is Right for You

Gamers have a wide variety of preferences, from short Eurogames to monster wargames, and no game is perfect for everyone.  A game that one person will love another might dislike and vice versa.  This list of questions should help narrow down whether or not you would enjoy VIKTORY II:

1. Do you enjoy "conquer the world" wargames like Risk 2210, Axis & Allies, Attack!, & Memoir '44? 
2. Do you enjoy games with an element of chance, i.e. dice rolling to resolve combat?
3. Do you think it is okay to sacrifice some realism for increased simplicity of play?
4. Do you prefer fast paced games that can be finished in a few hours or less?
5. Do you prefer games where an aggressive strategy is not penalized?
6. Do you prefer games that have miniatures as opposed to chits?
7. Do you prefer games with customizable maps for greater replayability?
8. Do you prefer games that don't involve a ton of number crunching and complex rules?
9. Do you prefer games that a beginner can understand easily?

If you've answered "YES" to most of the above questions, then VIKTORY II is a game you should strongly consider. 

I hope this helps you understand the type of gamers that VIKTORY II will appeal to the most, and whether or not you are in that category.

Here's Exactly What You Get With Your Purchase of VIKTORY II

I want to make sure you know exactly what you get from VIKTORY II- I think you'll agree it packs a lot of punch for the money-

180 Custom-Manufactured Hexagons:

The hexagon tiles form the core of the VIKTORY II system, forming both a beautiful mosaic-style backdrop to the game and a completely different customized gaming experience each time you play.

The playable surfaces are commercially printed with a protective water-resistant coating in full photograph-quality color featuring the specially-commissioned artwork for VIKTORY II from highly praised Houston artist Brian Walts.

The prints are then professionally laminated with an industrial-strength adhesive to a premium heavy mat board backing to create a durable thickness.  Finally, they are cut into the exact VIKTORY II hexagonal shape with our precision die press. This industrial-quality process ensures that the tiles will fit perfectly together even on huge maps and are guaranteed to provide year after year of enjoyable gameplay. 

584 Injection-Molded Plastic Playing Pieces in Eight Colors:

Each player gets a supply of pieces for towns, cities, infantry, cavalry, artillery, and frigates.  All of the pieces have their flashing removed (the flakes of extra plastic attached to the pieces during manufacturing) and are already cut off from their sprue or parts tree- you won't have to spend hours punching and cutting out pieces, but can immediately start playing!

These injection-molded pieces accurately capture the feel of 19th century warfare and allow up to eight players to enjoy a game of VIKTORY II. 

The VIKTORY II Rules & Resources:

The short, simple rules of VIKTORY II (only twelve pages) are explained in "plain English" so even those who have never played a war game can easily understand and play the first time with no problem.

The rules are intuitive but elegantly designed to allow for a very complex strategic game- a game that rewards strategic minds but does not require a law degree to interpret every single move or action.

Overall, with the hexagons, playing pieces, capital markers, rulebook, reference cards and dice, you get 782 individual game elements with your purchase of VIKTORY II.

My Limited Risk-Free Offer to Try VIKTORY II

Normally, when you buy a new board game, YOU take the risk. If you bring it home and you play it once and find out it isn't a very fun or playable game, it sits in your closet for ten years and you are out your hard-earned money.

I realize that VIKTORY II is a brand new board game and so for a limited time, I am willing to offer an unprecedented guarantee for a board game:

If you order VIKTORY II, and for any reason are unsatisfied or feel that the game does not meet your expectations, then you can return the game within 30 days in like-new condition for a full refund minus shipping and handling.

I think that's a pretty fair deal, and shows the confidence I have that this game will exceed your expectations.

Note: As of 01/02/08, the former six player version of VIKTORY II is out of stock.

Instead there is a new eight player version. Purple is no longer an included color, and in its place are three new colors: white, orange, and grey. Other differences are that the number of included pieces has changed, with fewer included pieces for each color. I decided it was better to give players more color options and the ability to play with more players, rather than additional game components that were probably never used.

It's Easy to Order Your Copy of VIKTORY II

VIKTORY II ships in a protective box via Priority Mail- it will take about 3-5 business days to arrive at your doorstep in the mail (longer for orders outside of the USA).

To order, please send me an email at .

Two-Eight Player Version - 180 hexes, 584 playing pieces, 782 individual game elements, including:

  • 24 Mountain Hexes

  • 24 Forest Hexes

  • 24 Grassland Hexes

  • 24 Plains Hexes

  • 36 Water Hexes

  • 48 Water Perimeter Hexes

  • 180 Total Hexes

  • 24 Infantry per Color

  • 8 Artillery per Color

  • 8 Cavalry per Color

  • 8 Frigates per Color

  • 12 Cities per Color

  • 12 Towns per Color

  • 1 Capital Marker per Color

  • 73 Total Pieces per Color

  • Eight Different Playing Colors

  • 584 Total Plastic Playing Pieces

  • 8 Dice

  • 8 Reference Cards

  • 1 Rulebook

  • 1 Game Box

  • 782 Total Game Components

If you'd like to order VIKTORY II components separately, please let me know by email.

If you have any problems, please contact me at:


Peter Morrison
Founder, Morrison Games
Designer of VIKTORY II