Sketches #3

We're definitely closer and a tiny modification to the masts and refinement to
the sails and we'll be there.  Thanks for all the great work and openness to
changes that you and the artist have had!


1. The top of the mast showing above the top sail should only be about half the
length of what is now showing.  I don't want much protruding that could
potentially get bent/snapped off

2. It's good that you've got the bottom sails touching the deck at both bottom
corners of the sail - however I don't think that is enough.  I would prefer the
bottom edges of the bottom sails to touch the deck along the entire length of
the bottom sail for maximum strength.

3. In the same sense, the bottom edges of the middle and upper sails should
touch all along the top edge of the sail directly beneath them.  That way all
the sails on a single mast are molded together and provide strength to each



Sketches #4

I hate to say it, but I've got two more comments:

1. It may just be the sketch, but the side edges of the new sails stop at the
edge of the ship (ie the sails are no wider than the ship).  I want the sails
to be a little wider than the ship, similar to the way their width is depicted
in the lower right drawing on the .jpg you sent me.  So it's good that the
bottom edge is touching the deck and the sails are touching each other, but the
sails are now too skinny - they should be wider than the width of the ship.

2. The overhead drawing of the ship looks about right in length proportions,
but the main drawing of the ship has the ship a little too long.  I would
shrink the length of the boat by one and a half gunports.  One gunport length
should be reduced between the front and middle masts, and one half gunport
length should be reduced between the middle and rear masts.  This will make the
ship length shorter.