Sculptures #3

August 16, 2005


I'm very pleased with how the infantry and artillery have turned out.


There is a definite improvement over the last version, and I had just a few more comments:

1. Sword is now too big.  The original sword was fine.  The new sword is far too large.

2. The sculpture doesn't show what type of base will eventually be used - but I want an oval base (not currently shown in sculpture, but represented in the sketches).

3. The rider and horse should be perfectly vertical.  The red vertical lines I've drawn on the pictures show how the rider and horse are leaning a little to one side.



A huge improvement over earlier versions, with just a few more minor changes.

1. The bowsprit looks great, but is just a little too long.  Please clip just the tip of the bowsprit off right where I drew the red dashed line on the picture below..

2. I've mentioned adding a little more detail to the bow each time, but it still has not been added.  Please add detail to the bow where I drew the solid red lines in the picture below.  The sketch below shows how this could look, but that is really more detail than necessary.  All I'm looking for are small detail grooves to be made on the bow right where I drew the red lines below.

3. The three masts should perfectly align and overlap when you view them from directly in front or directly behind the frigate.  The red lines on the pictures below show how the center mast appears to be offset to the side (or leaning to the side at an angle) and does not perfectly align.  Basically, the center mast just needs to be straightened.

4. Similar to the detail added to the bow, the stern needs to have a little detail added.  It looks like the sculptor tried to add the detail, and it may be that the picture is not showing all the detail that is actually there.  At any rate, the stern should have small detail grooves right where I drew the red lines below.

5. The stern is still a little long.  It could be shaved off along the red dotted lines drawn on the picture below.  This would need to happen before the detail got added to the stern obviously.  This will shorten the overall length of the frigate.