Final Wax Sculptures vs. Initial Molded Plastic Pieces

Here are the differences that I care about. I'm amazed at the difference that
has occurred in each iteration we've gone through. I felt that we had the
sculptures perfect and now there are significant differences that are appearing
in these samples.

Right now I've got these differences just written out without any illustrations
or picture comparisons between the latest samples and the final sculpts. If
you need to, I can put a webpage together that shows the pictures, along with
my commentary and arrows pointing to what I am referring to. Please let me
know what you need from me. I want to make sure that we minimize the potential
for a communication error.

Infantry differences
The infantry may have changed the most because the original infantryman was
short and fat, while the new infantryman is tall and skinny, but I like that
The things that I do care about are:
1. The soles of his boots are too thick. It looks like he has a couple of
centimeters of mud caked to the bottom of his boots. Make the soles thinner.
2. Make the face/hat a little more defined
3. Make his left hand smaller. It looks like he has a huge mitt on the hand
that is holding the gun barrel
4. more tapered bayonet - the end of the bayonet should be the narrowest part
of the bayonet, so it should taper to more of a point
5. Make sure he is standing straight up and not leaning back.

Cavalry differences
1. sword is too long and appears limp and broken
2. rider's head/hat seems like a blob
3. rider's arm could be shortened as well just a little bit
4. when viewed from the front, the rider's head/hat are leaning to one side
5. the rider/horse's right side looks crisp and well defined. The left side
looks blobbish (note the rolled up blanket behind the saddle - on the right
side you can see the detail on the rolled blanked, on the other side it looks
like a blob)

Artillery differences
1. no ball/bump on back end of barrel
2. barrel could be shifted a little further forward (if the base could be held
still and the barrel just be shifted a little further forward, so there is more
overhang off the front than off the back)
3. wheel spokes not perfectly perpendicular (on the original sculpture the
wheel spokes were rotated a little bit clockwise to give it a more natural look
- right now the wheels look "staged" where they've been positioned with the
spokes aligned perpendicular)
4. detail ring around the back end of barrel not complete - looks defined on
the top, but not around the bottom - it does NOT need to be more defined on the
top, it's just that the bottom should match
5. when viewed from the top, the original sculpture had little detail pegs (two
on each side of the barrel) on the block that supports the barrel - they are
missing on the current picture
6. on the original sculpture there was a detail peg at the end of the support
leg that rests on the ground that isn't there now

Frigate differences
1. bowsprit (the spar that the triangular sail is connected to at the bottom)
is too horizontal (on original sculpture it tilted upwards more)
2. bowsprit should be rounded and tapered a little more. The narrowest part of
the bowsprit should be the tip and it should be round and not square.
3. stern is missing the middle window/gunport
4. lines across the back bottom of stern don't appear to align from the right
and left side
5. masts and spars (the horizontal beams between sails) look a little large and
squarish. The should be a little more slender and rounded (like in original
6. tiny tops of masts that stick out above the sails should be more rounded and
less squarish (note the difference in the current ones vs. the original
7. the triangular sail in the front looks a little thick. It should be
narrowed down some.
8. Make sure that everything is properly vertical and symmetrical. The front
mast looks like it is leaning back. In the overhead shot, it looks like the
middle mast might need to be twisted a little counterclockwise in order to be
aligned with the other two masts.