More Testimonials

I received my copy of VIKTORY about 3 weeks ago and have had the opportunity to play eight games so far. All eight games have been three player, seven with my sons (ages 14 & 9) and one with two guys from our local gaming store. We have all enjoyed the game finding it easy to learn, fast paced, and challenging. I have been gaming for over 25 years and my first thoughts, before playing the game, were how to incorporate house rules for terrain bonuses, movement etc. All thoughts of modifying the game vanished after our first game. You have really captured the feel of strategic level 18th/19th Century warfare. I love the fact that you never have the forces needed to defend your entire empire, therefore, concentration of force and strategic movement dominate the game. The random map generation was my reason for purchasing VIKTORY in the first place and I have not been disappointed. It is a definite plus to be able to play on a different board every game. Finally, I was wondering if you would be offering the opportunity to buy additional terrain and armies for VIKTORY. I know that bigger is not always better, but I can't help entertaining the idea of a massive twenty hex wide board with six armies vying for dominance. 

Thanks for a great game and good luck with your enterprise.

I just finished my first two games of VIKTORY and it's all that you promised, a mixture of Axis and Allies, Diplomacy, and The Settlers. Great job. Looking forward to your next endeavor.

I greatly enjoyed the game, especially the speed at which a game could be completed and the fact that we were able to play two completely different games without even changing the tile layout. I find that this game is definitely worth the price. 

I haven't ordered my copy of VIKTORY. Your website is one of the best. Your strategy e-mails were helpful. Your forum is top-notch. Your videos were excellent. You've done everything to win me over. I haven't order VIKTORY 'cause I'm simply broke. I'm totally out of cash on hand. I'm even selling some of my game collection to keep the cash flow going. The positive side is, VIKTORY is on the top of my list to buy as soon as I get the cash. Best of luck with this venture. I'll be in touch when things turn around for me. 

I played VIKTORY about 12 times already it is fun, fast and at times a real challenge. 

...all were enthusiastic about the fun of the game, the quick playing, and having enough "meat" for people who play more detailed games.

We have played VIKTORY several times two games were the same. What makes this a great game is your strategy has to change each time you play based upon opponents, map set up and starting points. Good job on a well designed game.

There's a lot to be said for VIKTORY: I like the way the unit types are tied to the terrain types, the speed in which the pieces return into play, the variable setup, and the crisp rule set.

As far as the game play very very interesting and fun with the different board set ups this should be a well played game for many years. 

My favorite wargame. Simple rules blend strategy and dice rolling. It pays to be aggressive and games move very quickly. Best for fans of wargames ala Risk and Axis & Allies. Components offer a lot of versatility for personal modification of the rules.

As for game play, just getting into that but loving the artillery rules and the king of the island theme. If you have any doubt about the genes in this baby, take a look at Morrison’s site! Articulate, incisive and thorough come to mind! 

The game is fast and the rules are simple to understand. With the variations of the board you won't tire of the game, and if you think you can master the rules think again. VIKTORY but only for one. 

This is a GREAT "Fast-Paced" strategy war game..I am glad I have it to add to my boardgaming collection!

Great fun. Good components. There are some unique features here that make this game a winner.

It feels like you are driving a hungry shark . In fact, in a 2-player game I was stunned by how quickly the game came to a boil and how quickly I was terminated by my opponent. We played again and I was still stunned, though I managed to squirm a bit more before being smashed. We played a pair of 2 player games in under an hour. 

I like the idea of a simple wargame that plays quickly -- I have too many already that definitely don't qualify!

The game cleverly handles resource management, and piece supply, and looks streamlined in its approach. 

Rather fun actually.

After two playings all I am going to say is that the material components are very solid and that it is easily the most aggressive wargame that I've played.

Surprisingly deep,quick and VERY aggressive. This isn't a game to play nicey, nicey. If you can hit your opponent, do it and do it often.

VIKTORY delivers on its ability for replay because its so quick to play and teach. I have yet to see a wargame that is so slickly boiled down to its combat elements that you jump right into the meat of the game from turn one.

Very big Kudos to Mr. Morrison for creating a new and unique approach to warfare and the war game in general.